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At MDM Marine Services, we understand the importance of reliable navigation equipment when out on the water. We continue to innovate and provide full electronic systems to boaters around the world. Our products are engineered for the tough marine environment and renowned for ease-of-use, rugged design and reliability. Our full range includes chartplotters, fishfinders, radars, marine instruments, marine cameras, AIS units and VHF radios.

We continue to build on our history of innovation with the world’s first object detection and assisted docking system, DockSense™ Control. We are also pioneering visual navigation with ClearCruise Augmented Reality. A marine industry first, ClearCruise AR allows captains to positively identify objects on the visual horizon using AIS, marine cameras, and exclusive image stabilization technology.

If you’re in the market for top-quality marine navigation equipment, look no further than MDM Marine Services. Browse our range of Raymarine products today and experience the best in navigation technology.

Our vision is to be the solution of choice for every mariner.

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